We are not just an ecommerce platform, we are a business!

With our eShop and commerce platform, we source, you shop, around the world. We simplify online shopping and make it much easier for you. Nevertheless that is not all about us, we have varieties of options from online educational portal, digital currency


We are not just an ecommerce/shopping platform, we are in fact a business, and as an IT company, our services ranges from eCurrency exchange to Website Designs, Graphic Designs, Video Productions, Online Advertisement, eCommerce, Online Shopping, Online educational portal (eLearning), Computer Networking, Online payment solutions, Software solutions, General Installations, Entrepreneurship, Mentorship trainings, Business Consultancy, Phones, Computers & other IT device solutions, we give you much more...

Website Design

NICS BUSINESS & COMPUTER SOLUTIONS offers you an unbeatable rates and designs based on your requirements, do not search further, visit our office or contact us online, tell us what you want, we help deliver !

Graphic & Video Design/Productions

Based on your requirements & wants, we put down what you need. For your graphic & video works, look no further, get in touch with us today!

Online Advertisement

Advertising is a reality in todays online world. It helps some cover hosting costs and provides others with billions of dollars in revenue. Learn how you can achieve this with responsive clicks, you're simply a click away, get in touch with us to start advertising your business today!

Shop Online / eCommerce

Online Shopping has never been made easier than this, buy almost anything online via our eShop (shop.eBitcoinics.com) & simply pay with Bitcoin. We also assist you buy almost anything possible online through our payment solutions, you pay us the fiat, we shop & finalize payment for your products/items.

Online educational portal

We are the largest Bitcoin & CryptoCurrency educational platform in Africa, We help you learn more about Bitcoin, CryptoCurrencies, The Blockchain technology, Enterpreneurship, Startup trainings & much more from scratch and acquire beneficial skills that can help you build a successful career both online & offline. Visit www.eBitcoinics.net to get started!

Computer Networking & General Installations

From your computers, to your private or public servers at your various offices or homes, don't hesitate to get in touch with us for an amazing setups. We fix, we set up, we build and have things running for you. Feel free to call on us when then need arises!

Online Payment Solutions

Buying items online can be very tedious especially when you don't have the right gateway required of you. Don't worry, tell us what you need to purchase, any service you want to do online, we would assist you through it and make things easier for you. We love to help our clients. Don't hesitate to get us informed. We are here to provide solutions.

Software Solutions

You can call on us for your software solutions at an unbeatable rates and services. We love to serve you better. Ever thought of having an idea running? Get in touch with us let us build it for you from scratch !

Phones, Computers & General IT device Solutions

Feel free to walk into our office to buy your Smartphones & computers, You can buy almost anything through the eBitcoinics Store (Shop.eBitcoinics.com) - Have a free look at our eShop ! We provide delivery services across Ghana & Nigeria. Want to buy anything online ? Just feel free to connect with us.

Entrepreneurship & Mentor-ship

With our experienced team of Online Networkers/entrepreneurs, we are able to advice/recommend a wide range of genuine online biz opportunities where you can make money passively/actively. With our tested & proven programs, you can earn as much as you want on a daily/weekly/monthly basis depending on your choice of programs plus free career mentorship & personal trainings, connect with us & become your own boss.

Business Consultancy

We work with our clients on strategy, planning and problem solving, and helps clients develop business skills and knowledge right for their passions. We have a business package for you. Feel free to communicate with us your needs. Both Online/Offline business consultancy services. Tell us what you need, we have a package right for you.

Crypto-Trading MasterClass

Want to become your own boss trading cryptocurrencies full-time? We help build you from start through mastering & becoming your own smart trader in this huge market. We assist you capitalize greatly on it. Enjoy all our fundamentals, technical & the most profitable trading strategies at a onetime membership fee of $200 & have a lifetime access to our Private paid Crypto-Trading platforms, build your way up to becoming your own boss & avoid falling prey to online scams.

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We source, You shop, Around the world

Learn the step-by-step process on how to buy items and shop anything you want here at nicsbay.net by watching this video. We are one of Africa's largest eCommerce platform with Door2Dor delivery services. Need to sell your items, feel free and connect with our sales team via sales@nicsbay.net